Jersey is building the world’s first blockchain-enabled aircraft registry, providing the fastest way to register your aircraft. The Jersey Aircraft Registry is currently open, accepting applications with a new technology base.

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Our New Technology Base

Your application is tracked and stored against our world-first blockchain-based registry system giving you complete trust in your registration and opening the door to a world of future innovations with this cutting edge technology.

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Streamlined Application Process

Our online registration is simple and clear. Each step is clearly guided giving you confidence in the process and your application will be processed quickly and efficiently.

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Single Management View

A simplified view of the status of all of your applications as well as simple controls for managing your registered aircraft.

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TrustFlight Integration

Having your aircraft registered with us opens the door to the whole TrustFlight suite. Take a look at our full range of products to see how we can take care of your aviation needs.

Our Impact on Your Industry

Owner/Operator & Aircraft Manufacturer

As a team made up of aircraft owners and operators, we know first-hand that registering an aircraft is an unnecessarily complex process.

We are using new technology to simplify the process of registration, gaining validations and certificates and most importantly, help aircraft owners operate their aircraft safely.

As part of the aircraft registry, we will be providing a portfolio of services that will include out-of-the-box digital safety management services, operations manuals, MELs and other services that are designed to support the safe operation of an owners aircraft. If you have an interest in potentially registering an aircraft in the next 12 months, please sign up below.

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Commercial Aircraft Lessors

The process of registering an aircraft at the end of a lease is an unnecessarily complex and expensive. Our new technology will allow the whole process to be simplified and completed in a fraction of the time it takes today.

If you would like to be part of an industry user group that is assisting TrustFlight with the development of new functionality for the platform and registry processes, please register here. We will shortly be sending out information on the first set of industry working-groups.

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Jersey Aviation Community

The relaunch of the aircraft registry is part of a wider TrustFlight initiative to revitalise the aviation sector in Jersey. We have a vision in which our digital platform is developed and used to improve the efficiency of a wide-range of aviation activities, which can then be used as a showcase to the global aviation community, establishing Jersey as a centre of excellence for modern, forward-thinking digital processes.

Examples include moving away from paper to digital licensing, modernising and simplifying GAR submissions, providing improved insurance services, and simplifying the otherwise complex process of purchasing and selling aircraft. We are of course starting with the aircraft registry, but if you live in Jersey and have an interest in supporting the wider initiative, please register your interest and we will keep you informed.

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TrustFlight have the ambition to show how regulatory oversight can be transformed, moving away from periodic audits and declarations to continuous oversight.

With the availability of real-time data on the operation and maintenance of aircraft, the registry will have improved oversight of the aircraft within its jurisdiction with an opportunity to improve the levels of compliance whilst also reducing the burden on operators and the regulator. If you would like to be kept informed please register below.

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Our Technology Partner

Jersey has partnered with TrustFlight to create the new Jersey Aircraft Registry. TrustFlight is building the tools and services to enable the next generation of Digital Aviation Records.

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Aircraft Tech Log

Make the final step to paperless operations.

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Task Cards

Transform your maintenance with a truly paperless workflow.

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Technical expertise combined with the latest technologies enabling efficient aircraft maintenance.

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Digital Logbook

The single-source of your aircraft and component history.

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