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The world's first blockchain-enabled aircraft registry.

About Us

In 2015 the Jersey Aircraft Registry (JAR) was established by the States of Jersey. However, after a number of years in a dormant state, the States gave full operational responsibility and ownership to the Ports of Jersey to relaunch the registry in 2020.

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Our Mission

The Port of Jersey’s aim is to replace a complex, confusing and slow registration system with a streamlined digital process secured by blockchain technology. As well as being an industry first, this approach also makes aircraft registration easy for everyone. The simple online application can be completed within 24 hours, and provides customers with instant feedback on their progress.

Jersey Location

Jersey is a British Crown Dependency situated 14 miles off the coast of Northern France and over 100 miles south of England. Though only small geographically, Jersey has built a big reputation on the international stage as a leading financial centre. This is due to a number of factors, not least its established legal system, expert workforce, robust regulatory framework and its position as a stable offshore jurisdiction. In addition to Jersey’s neutral fiscal regime, steadfast infrastructure and endorsements from institutions of the highest standard, the highly respected financial, legal and fiduciary expertise available on the island makes Jersey ideally placed to provide a comprehensive and transparent aircraft registry.

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Legislation and Regulation

Jersey as a jurisdiction is ICAO compliant through the UK ratification of the Chicago Convention. Jersey also complies with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Annexes and the Standards & Recommended Practices (SARPs).

The Jersey Aircraft Registry is required to adhere to the Air Navigation (Jersey) Law, 2014. This law stipulates that requirements are published by the Director of Civil Aviation for Jersey, these requirements are known as the Jersey Aviation Requirements (JARs).

The JARs provide the information required to comply with the Air Navigation (Jersey) Law, 2014.

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Based in Jersey
As an internationally renowned commercial centre offering highly respected financial, legal and fiduciary expertise, Jersey is ideally placed to provide a comprehensive and transparent aircraft registry.
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The partnership between the Government of Jersey and the Ports of Jersey Ports has allowed for the creation of an aircraft registry that is a technological first in the industry by securing your data through blockchain technology.
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Streamlined Registration
It’s as simple as providing us with the necessary documents, such as copies of bills of sale and passports. Then sit back, relax, and we’ll send your certificate right to your inbox!
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Membership Benefits
Members experience a range of benefits. From access to industry leading technology to preferred service recommendations and a dedicated key-account manager, our services are each tailored to match your company’s needs.