Open and ready for registrations!

Open and ready for registrations!

After taking over the Jersey Aircraft Registry in March 2020, TrustFlight Jersey and the Ports of Jersey are proud to announce the Jersey Aircraft Registry is now open and accepting registrations! We are all really excited about the opportunities this unique re-launch will provide, not only to the aviation industry, but also for Jersey. Jersey is an internationally recognised offshore financial centre of the highest standard and TrustFlight is looking forward to providing Jersey with an aircraft registry to match its excellent global reputation.

TrustFlight is working to make Jersey’s aircraft registration system as easy and streamlined as possible for customers whilst maintaining the highest level of security by being the first aircraft registry in the world to use blockchain. Our 24-hour online applications, global network of inspectors and efficient tax rules make transferring aircraft easy for any applicant. Once the system has received all of the required information the signed certificate will be in your hands!

In order to take advantage of this great opportunity to register an aircraft in Jersey you must be a company incorporated in or a citizen/resident of the following:

  • Jersey
  • Guernsey
  • Isle of Man
  • A Commonwealth country
  • A European Economic Area country
  • Switzerland

The definitive version of the eligibility requirements are laid out in the Aircraft Registration (Jersey) Law 2014.

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